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14 Na Siggarafuy 
(The Moth) 

Si dammang na siruat 

A cumiUaquUUU 

Na neburayit si gafi a maibbat 

Tappilan na siggarafuy 

Se naUampengque 

Sicuuana maccayab 

Ino payae nera 

Gumafu si anggam ma 

Ammenangque sinipian 

Nu ammena inaranian 

Nu baccan inque 

Vmang a maUampa 

Se maddundun antu na palad na^ 

Around the lamp, 

A glittering light, 

Spilled in the aark of the night 

Suffered the moth 

As it swooped into the flame 

While it was flapping its wings. 

Because of its love 

It dared to do what is dangerous; 

It should not have gone too close. 

It should not have played with fire. 

But it dove into the flame 

As fate instructed him. 


This is the story of the moth that gets burned because of its 
failure to heed its mother's advice. The only difference is that 
the writer uses it as a symbol of love of a man playing around 
the fire until he is finally caught by the flames. 

Gaddangs do not rationalize about infidelity. For them, true 
love must be sincere, loyal, sympathetic and understanding. 

15. Nattalbbarac 
(I Passed By) 

Sinfuab si daddaramat 
Inita nac la a nattcUebad 
NepattcUebad nac kumang 
Ammenac a binaUacan. 

Araonlamang, araon lamang 
Uahi 80 daral na pangua-panguam 
Daddaramat na si uddi 
Pawannac queppena vjahi. 

Yesterday morning 

You just saw me pass by, 

You only let me pass without greeting me, 

Without even acknowledging my passing by. 

Just go on, just go on, sister, 
With your shabby treatment — 
Tomorrow, or on some future day, 
You will realize you need me. 

The song is addressed to a loved one as he laments the cold 
indifference of his beloved. He is deeply hurt when his beloved 
passes by and ignores him. 

He harbors bitterness in his heart; however, he is optimistic 
that the beloved will need him in the future and he looks forward 
to this hope for reconciliation. 

16. Neariyac Si Tolay Sito Mundo 
(Like a Human Being in This World) 

Neariyac si tolay sito mundo 
Siggaraddam sin eonsMla 


Megafu la si dihat na futuc 
Si anggam awan a nangammu. 

Se cungcu irangque yao a massapit 
Nepasinacamcu sito bagguic 
Se canggaman nungque a itan 
Na attayyum na camat to taggang. 

Abumbu ca o Dioicu a Verms a maidduc 
Sinipiam na mamiyad sito pobre a futuc 
Abumbu ca, abumbu ca icca lamang na neleccud 
So netambamira a neassmgan nu si cruz. 

I am like a lost human being in this world 
Full of sorrows and without consolation, 
Because of the bitter longing in my heart 
For a love which no one knows. 

I agree that I have declared my love 

Just to find out your reaction, 

And all you wanted to see 

Were my palms spread painfully over my breast. 

Too sad, goddess Venus, my dear, 

That you have chosen to wound my heart. 

To sad, too sad you have reneged 

On the promises you made before the cross. 

The poem focuses on the theme of the unhappiness of human 
life. Self-pity also recurs here when the person expresses that 
his heart is miserable, yet full of love. 

For the author, sadness is innate in humanity for it is human 
to be sad. He is bitter about the sadistic attitude of others who 
would find joy in seeing the loved one pass away. 

The third stanza addresses the loved one-^the goddess of love. 
The merciless and sadistic attitude of the goddess deeply hurts 
the lover; the situation is further aggravated by unfulfilled pro- 

17. Lappao a Madayao 
(0 Precious Flower) 

O Uippao a madayao, gavjagavxiyan na futu 


Idducannu si unagcu, cunsi entero anggam 

rosa a idducan talticuyauan na Tiacam 
A curVrha mapia pinanamancu 

Ara, ara maidduc, arcbsawannu yo fume 
Si annunsuiuc se awan a mappacangcua 
A caruan sicitam si tameta. 

Adored flower, joy of my heart, 

1 keep you within me with undivided love ; 
Oh, rose beloved, treasured in my thoughts, 
0, my bright hope. 

My caresses no one can claim — 
They belong to you alone. 

The yearnings of a lover who is begging the beloved to accept 
his sincere love is the theme of this song. The lover likens the 
beloved to a precious flower. He begs her to be faithful and true 
for she is his true love. 

18. Masetac 
(My Flowering Plant) 

masetacira a curuha ca^anggd-anggam 
Se yo futuc iccayu pagga-dandam 

Yayaman taca sicuam si awan a pangnganggaddan 
Sa icca yo mangada si gaicagauayan, 

Jardin cangque awan a arihan 
Na nattufuan na malawawad ira maseta 
E mallappao e na manga curuha madamag 
Se nearig so dayingat na sinag. 

Flowering plant most lovable. 

You are always guarded in my heart; 

1 shall care for you without end. 
Since you are my only life. 

Garden, indeed, beyond compare 
Where beautiful flowers bloom; 
Your flowers and fruits 
Are like sunbeams on the earth. 

Lumicao, Lora. 1984. Gaddang Literature. Quezon City: New Day Publishers.